Blade Warrior is an immersive, fantasy, play-to-earn NFT blockchain game.

Blade Warrior is the first metaverse game built on OEC, an open blockchain ecosystem developed by OKEx, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Blade Warrior’s team comes from well-known AAA game development companies and international blockchain organizations.

We aim to redefine blockchain gaming through the perfect balance of high-quality graphics, varied gameplay, and community-friendly tokenomics. As pioneers in the play-to-earn sector, we are committed to bringing users a thrilling gaming experience, alongside generous revenue generating opportunities.

Token Symbol: Blade

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Initial liquidity: 50%

Play and earn in game: 30%

Future development: 10%

Marketing and airdrop: 10%


Phase I - Launch

Website Launch

Coingecko / CoinMarketCap Listing

Cooperation with CherrySwap, MySwap

Airdrop to Blade holder

PHASE II – Growth

Launch NFT

Listing on well-known exchanges (e.g OKEx)

Trend and Token data analysis platform

Community Voting Platform

Phase III – Expansion

Treasure Chest Launch

Blade Warrior game release

Collaborations with other projects

Additional LPs

Phase IV – Evolution

Additional game launches

Android and iOS app release

Game platform launch

Incorporation of additional blockchains


Community Powered

Blade Warrior is decentralized - it belongs to our vibrant, engaged community. We welcome and embrace a diversity of perspectives, and all game developments are made in the best interest of our community.

Play To Earn

Players are generously rewarded for their participation in the ecosystem. NFTs increase a player’s earning potential, and tokens earned from gameplay can either be recirculated into the ecosystem or traded on the open market.

Cross Game

Blade Warrior is embracing the cross-chain future of gaming. NFT heroes and equipment will be usable across chains and games.

Game guild

Guilds give players the opportunity to collaborate in blockchain-based economies. Guilds are the settlers of the new metaverse frontier, and are a great way for new players to get started with blockchain gaming.